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A company that provides specialist security solutions to businesses across the UK.

An agency that worked on updating this business website approached us with a clear content strategy for their client with one sole purpose - to improve rankings and be seen as an authority within their industry. We were tasked with creating quality content - lengthy guide pieces that were not only keyword-rich to help with SEO but also answered user questions effectively.

The Highlights

Reached Page 1 on Google

Content regularly ranking on page 1 of Google - they can be seen and found

Clear TOV (tone of voice)

Offering professional, helpful content that answers industry-specific searches.

Content to repurpose

Plenty of useful guide copy to repurpose for social media

We matched the customer with a writer who was familiar with the security industry and has a preference for writing B2B content. She initially wrote two lengthy articles to serve as guides, evolving their blog content from case studies (still important) to also offering helpful content that answers questions searched for by their industry-based audience. Once indexed and ranking well, these articles were the catalysts for regular content - a mix of guide pieces and product awareness, which we’re still providing monthly.

Celebrating the wins

The company not only has a clearly defined, professional tone of voice but also has a blog that’s full of helpful content; articles and guides that are rich in keywords and answer users' questions effectively. The website is now ranking well for most of the industry-specific keywords and key terms they’d like to be visible for. This also means that the brand should now be seen as an authority by its audience.

5 Stars

5 Stars

Quality Guarantee Icon

Put us to the test, 100% risk-free

Love us or we’ll refund you, no quibbles. If after a few rounds of revisions you’re not absolutely loving your content, your money will be back in your pocket quicker than you can figure out how to pronounce Conturae*

*our legal team told us we have to state it takes 3-5 business days for refund to arrive. Party poopers.
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