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A comprehensive content strategy guide for a UK travel industry consultant

A recently launched start-up by a sole entrepreneur - a business strategist working for UK short-term rental companies and individual property owners, to help them reach their business potential using industry insights and expertise.

The Highlights

Comprehensive content

A comprehensive, industry-specific guide, full of helpful content.

Quick turnaround

Bespoke copy, turned around within a 5-day window.

Consistent Tone of Voice

On-brand, consistent TOV and plenty of copy to repurpose.


The business owner came to us with a well-rounded marketing strategy, however, she didn’t have the time or confidence to write a lengthy guide piece to utilise and send to her clients. The plan was to showcase how they could integrate quality content into their business strategy - and how by doing this effectively - they would skyrocket their online visibility, which would ultimately result in an uplift in conversions to bookings.

Our work

Armed with plenty of information from the customer about the short-term rental industry and paired with an expert writer with knowledge of this sector, a long-form guide piece was created offering unrivalled expertise in how to create a winning content strategy in the UK tourism and short-term rental market. This in-depth guide covered all the basics for an entry-level marketer; from offering a breakdown of how to define content goals to how a business can identify its target audience and draft copy to resonate with that audience, this piece was a comprehensive and extremely useful ‘how-to’.

We also made sure the customer knew how to break down and repurpose the content and pull out sections of this guide to generate ‘bite-sized’ snippets that could be published on social media platforms. 

Celebrating the wins

More than a helpful ‘how-to’ for her clients, this empowered our customer with a document that allowed her to get her specialist knowledge out of her head and into print. This comprehensive guide will rank well and can be also repurposed to generate an abundance of helpful tips for social platform sharing, providing this business with a long-term content strategy spun from just one piece of content - which also makes it a very cost-effective option. 

5 Stars

5 Stars

Quality Guarantee Icon

Put us to the test, 100% risk-free

Love us or we’ll refund you, no quibbles. If after a few rounds of revisions you’re not absolutely loving your content, your money will be back in your pocket quicker than you can figure out how to pronounce Conturae*

*our legal team told us we have to state it takes 3-5 business days for refund to arrive. Party poopers.
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