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A large established client wanting to drive more traffic to website and boost engagement

This thriving Digital Agency are now able to create high-quality, high-performing blogs for their clients, including a Dealership Group for a world-renowned vehicle manufacturer. They chose a custom enterprise plan based on their high volume requirements and now, a 3-minute brief is all it takes for them to secure high-performing content for their clients.

The Highlights

The business

Our client is a highly regarded Digital Agency founded in 2007 and based in the UK.

The company services a growing number of it's own clients in building and executing bespoke digital marketing strategies.

One such strategy was in relation to a newly acquired client - a well known, worldwide brand.

As part of the Digital Marketing Strategy, the company needed to produce high performing blog posts in order to channel more prospective customers to the company website.

The problem

A review of a previous blog post on the company website revealed that it had been written almost exclusively by an AI writing tool.

A review of it's SEO performance revealed that it scored very poorly and thus would be incredibly unlikely to be found during a Google search.

In effect, the company had paid for a blog post which was underperforming and unlikely to fulfil its intended purpose.

Our work

The Client was able to spend just a handful of minutes completing a brief. They provided their own keywords (consistent with their existing SEO strategy) and these were complimented by our own, high performing keywords based on SEO analysis.

The 'job' was assigned to Rees, a Conturae writer based in the UK who is experienced in technology and e-commerce (the relevant sector(s) in which the company operates.)

Celebrating the wins
  • We increased SEO performance from 35/100 to 74/100*.
  • A 4 minute brief is all it took for the client to see these results.
  • This high quality content was AI assisted with content written, edited and formatted by a skilled Conturae writer in less than 5 days.
  • The client now has a high performing blog that can be found in search engines.
5 Stars

5 Stars

Quality Guarantee Icon

Put us to the test, 100% risk-free

Love us or we’ll refund you, no quibbles. If after a few rounds of revisions you’re not absolutely loving your content, your money will be back in your pocket quicker than you can figure out how to pronounce Conturae*

*our legal team told us we have to state it takes 3-5 business days for refund to arrive. Party poopers.
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