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Scaling consultancy business with a blog/resource section that was significantly out of date

This scaling business suffered the effects of low-performing, out-of-date blogs on their website. By choosing a plan, sufficient for their needs, they've been able to make blogging a regular, frictionless process.

The Highlights

The business

Our client is a scaling Health & Safety Consultancy based in the UK. The company services a growing number of clients who outsource their health and safety needs.

Management within the company had prioritised core business functions due to growth and, despite knowing the need to blog as part of their Digital Marketing Strategy, had fallen far behind.

The problem

A review of a previous blog post on the company website revealed that it scored very poorly from an SEO perspective and thus would be incredibly unlikely to be found during a Google search.

In effect, the company had paid for a blog post which was underperforming and unlikely to fulfil its intended purpose.

Reviewing the blog section of the website, it was clear that the company had employed a 'hit and hope' strategy with the content having no clear direction and, in actual fact, being quite irrelevant (i.e. blogs on subjects that people aren't searching for.)

Our work

The Client was able to spend just a handful of minutes completing a brief.  They requested that we use our own optimised keywords.

The 'job' was assigned to Dawn, a Conturae writer based in the UK who has experience in business, HR and compliance.

Celebrating the wins
  • We increased SEO performance from 40/100 to 81/100 *
  • A 4 minute brief is all it took for the client to see these results
  • This high quality content was AI assisted with content written, edited and formatted by a skilled Conturae writer in less than 5 days.
  • The blog section was not relevant to the growth plans of the business - the client has made fantastic use of the Ideas Generator to find content that is relevant.
5 Stars

5 Stars

Quality Guarantee Icon

Put us to the test, 100% risk-free

Love us or we’ll refund you, no quibbles. If after a few rounds of revisions you’re not absolutely loving your content, your money will be back in your pocket quicker than you can figure out how to pronounce Conturae*

*our legal team told us we have to state it takes 3-5 business days for refund to arrive. Party poopers.
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